Mar 27
Pets in the picture
by: WWG2014


All your family and friends will be there on your big day but is there still someone very special missing? If your pooch, cat or bunny is your best friend, there’s no reason you can’t include them in at least part of the wedding. However, including animals in a wedding is not something you can wing on the day. You’ll need to make some decisions beforehand to help everything go as smoothly as it possibly can with unpredictable pets.

Determine their role

First, decide whether your pet is suitable for the type of wedding you will have. If you’re getting married in a park or on the beach, you’ll probably be okay to bring along a furry friend, just check the relevant council website. But if your wedding is in an upmarket hotel, you may need an alternative place for them to be involved. The type of pet you have will determine their role. Smaller pets that keep to themselves such as lizards or guinea pigs could have a minder and be present at the wedding. Dogs and cats could be involved, moving down the aisle with the flower girl or holding a sign and greeting guests. For bigger animals such as horses, consider including them in your photos on the day or as part of a special engagement shoot.

Be flexible
You can’t predict how your pet will react on the day in unfamiliar surroundings and around a lot of people. Be prepared to adjust your plans and just roll with it if it doesn’t come off exactly how you planned. It’s a good idea to make sure your pet has been to the toilet right before their duties commence to avoid any embarrassing mishaps.

Last-minute details

Don’t add anything extra to the tasks you need to take care of on the day. Assign someone familiar with your pet to be their handler during the wedding. Inform your guests, vendors and officiant that your bundle of fur will be part of the day and in what capacity. This will ensure no-one is alarmed by the addition and can even help make sure your pet plays their part if things look like they might go awry. Just before the big day, have a groomer tidy up your furry friend so they’re looking their absolute cutest for all those gorgeous snaps.