May 22
Picture perfect
by: WWG2014


Choosing your ideal style of wedding photography comes down to you and your groom’s personal preferences. It is a good idea to meet with several photographers who specialise in weddings to become familiar with the options available to you. If you are a couple who enjoy the classic olden-day-style wedding photos, traditional photography may be the choice for you. If you prefer something more contemporary and are seeking photos that are a little offbeat, the creative or high fashion style could be ideal. In between, there’s photojournalistic for a neat blend of the two.



This style was employed in earlier decades of wedding photography, prior to the digital age, when photographers had to exercise caution over the amount of film used. Consequently, the style is characterised by subjects being organised into set poses and the photographer working from a list of desired images that the bride and groom have supplied. These can include the groups of men and women getting ready, the bride’s arrival, the ceremony and then a period of time following this in which different groups are sectioned off and their photos taken. In this more conventional approach, much direction comes from the photographer in terms of styling each photo than with the photojournalistic style.



This method takes a relaxed step away from the tradition style, in an effort to present the ‘unposed’ proceedings of the day. Photojournalism takes its name from employing images to tell a story. The photographer takes a more ‘hidden’ approach, following the bridal party throughout the day, though his presence is not noticeable. He or she works to capture candid moments and tender glances in secret so as not to disrupt these precious times. This style has gained in popularity for its ability to capture the fun and spontaneity of a wedding. If you are sentimental or would like to have some photos to pop in a special keepsake album, this style works well in conjunction with traditional.


Breathe artistry into your day by opting for photos with a creative slant. Here the photographer focuses on making each shot a work of art. Be sure to scout several professionals before choosing one as their style will often dictate how it their images look. Perhaps consider having an artistic engagement photo session to see if it appeals. The photographer will analyse the environment, background, lighting and clothing of the subjects to make them work to capture that perfect shot. These highly stylised portraits, while artificially created, can make outstanding additions to your album or frame and hang an image that stands out for you. Effects are often added in post-production to give images a wow-factor.