Dec 10
A menu for success
by: WWG2014


Gluten-free, meat-free, sugar-free, nut-free: while it is impossible to foresee and accommodate every single guest’s dietary needs and preferences, there are certain simple steps you can take to ensure your wedding is a gourmet success. 
Ask ahead of time: These days it is common practice to add a note to your RSVP cards inviting guests to disclose their individual dietary restrictions and requirements. You might choose to include a couple of lines of blank space for your guests to jot down a few words about their intolerances and preferences, or you could include checkboxes with some of the options your caterer is willing to provide – such as gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian or vegan meals. By asking for this feedback ahead of time your guests appreciate your thoughtfulness and you will be able to provide a menu everyone will be able to enjoy fully.
Vegetarian meal ideas (clockwise from top): Baked tomato pots; Vegetable ratatouille in pasta shells; Zucchini carpaccio with walnuts, feta and lemon; Tomato tartine; Mushroom, brie and onion tart.
Universal thinking: Chicken, beef, lamb, fish and veggies – there’s a reason these foods are common staples of wedding menus across the globe: popularity. By all means choose dishes that best reflect you and your husband-to-be’s tastes and personality, but just remember that most people are more likely to want to eat a well-seared steak than a rabbit ragu. If you want to include a few off-the-wall choices alongside tried-and-tested wedding menu favourites, consider a buffet or tapas-style meal – you will be able to include a wider variety of foods and allow guests to choose to eat what most pleases their palates and politely ignore those which they’d rather leave unsavoured.
Lactose/Dairy-free meal ideas (clockwise from top): Beef steak with rustic roast vegetables; Summer salad with watermelon and prosciutto; Pumpkin gnocchi; Bruschetta crunch with purple cabbage cream and sunflower seeds; Coconut milk ice cream.
You can't please everyone: Without wanting to put a dampener on your wedding preparations, it is important to remember that when it comes to planning your wedding menu you will never been able to pick a roster of dishes which will gel with each individual guests’ tastebuds. Even if you are able to accommodate all intolerances and dietary restrictions, there will always be someone who doesn’t like the flavours, ingredients or options you offer so don’t take it personally. Likewise, if you are unable to take care of an individual guest’s food restrictions, it is polite to let them know as soon as possible so that they can plan ahead and eat beforehand if necessary.
Gluten-free meal ideas (clockwise from top): Zucchini and fresh mint spaghetti; Seared salmon steak with lime salad; Pork tenderloin with wild rice; Lemon delicious slice; Vanilla meringues.