Jul 03
Choose your venue
by: WWG2014


Each bride is different. And there are so many elements to your day that should match your personality. One of the biggest choices to make on your special day is where you would like the nuptials to occur. Are you more of a beach babe? Or would you prefer a garden? Or what about a church?

This guide will help you choose the perfect place for your special day.



The crashing of the waves and the smell of salt in the air – nothing is more perfect than a day at the beach. So why not apply that to your wedding day? A chuppah or arch will provide a perfect altar to say your “I dos”, and rows of white chairs will work well against the blue ocean background. Keep with the theme and add elements of the ocean. You could have rows of shells creating a walkway, soft blue bridesmaids dresses, or little parasols to protect your guests’ eyes from the sun. Just remember with a beach wedding you will need to choose a light dress that will fare well with the sand. And be prepared to go barefoot. For the reception, head to a restaurant by the beach and stick with the blue and white theme.



If you’ve ever dreamt of getting married in an enchanted forest, that can be achieved with a garden wedding. But be sure to protect yourself from the elements. Bugs, and soil and win – oh my! Using floral accents, soft pinks and greens will bring out all the natural beauty of the gardens. Rose petals can line your aisle, while a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers will give it the charm and feel you want to achieve for your garden wedding. For your reception, add tea lights and wooden elements and perhaps use a marquee to protect from the elements. And remember with a garden wedding, not everything has to be perfect because you want that rustic feel.


The most traditional wedding venue is a church or cathedral. Whilst this is traditionally for those people who are religious, a church wedding has an old-world charm that elevates the sophistication of a wedding. You are very regulated in what you can do in a church environment, but using beautiful accents like baby’s breath, white roles petals and long candles will give your church wedding a regal touch. Ballroom receptions have long-been associated with church weddings, but why not mix it up and add some new and quirky features such as photo booth, flower wall, or cupcake buffet.