Sep 19
Trending: rose gold and copper
by: The West Australian Wedding Guide

If you have been perusing Pinterest and Instagram, no doubt you will have seen weddings this season are taking on copper highlights and rose gold hues – and with good reason, both translate beautifully to a wedding colour palette! They can be mixed with neutral tones or bright pops of colour for extra wow factor.

There are so many ways to incorporate these colours into your wedding; copper lends itself to a more rustic affair, while rose gold says timeless romance. Here are a few ideas we love:
Styling: Using rose gold ribbon to tie bonbonniere, secure stationery or to make Mr and Mrs or thank you garlands are a simple way to incorporate this trend. Both hues lend themselves well to metallic letterpress fonts for stationery, and this season coloured cutlery and crockery abounds; if your budget allows try collecting a range of rose gold or copper coloured plates and cups – vintage will work well too.

Vases and candleholders are another way to work this trend, and swathes of luxurious golden fabric would make gorgeous tablecloths or table runners.
Accessories and attire: Rose gold jewellery is back in a big way, so what better way to include this trend than to pledge your ‘I do’s’ in rose gold hues? Rose gold looks amazing with white gold, silver and diamonds, making it easy to match your engagement ring. Copper coloured ties for the boys, or romantic rose-coloured bridesmaids dresses or shoes would look equally fabulous.
Food: Turkish delights, copper-coloured foil wrapped chocolates, rose coloured macarons; there are a lot of ways to translate this trend to food. For beautiful beverages try making a signature rosey cocktail or toasting with pink champagne!