Feb 20
Rural rustic
by: wwg


You don’t have to look through many wedding inspiration blogs or magazines to find that rustic wedding details are all the rage. If a glamour-themed wedding is not quite your style, consider the trend of do-it-yourself decor, thrift shopping and optimising natural locations for a cute, country-style wedding.


It doesn’t take much to make your wedding sweet and stylish. Just a few rustic details and you’ve set the perfect tone for the whole day. One of the reasons this look has become so popular is that it is so easy to add your own unique touch. Many brides begin collecting bits and pieces soon after getting engaged (and sometimes before!) to use on their big day.


Think candles, rope, handwritten anything, assorted vases, crates, wildflowers and vintage accessories for decking out your venue.
All country weddings need something that makes them organic. If you really want to ace this look, consider investing a large part of your budget in flowers. Include them subtly at the ceremony with touches of baby’s breath everywhere, in abundance at the reception as centrepieces and make striking colourful bouquets for your bridal party.

Don’t forget to capture your theme in your photos by scouting cute photo locations, such as an old building or a field and include vintage props such as an old bike.