Nov 19
Going to the chapel
by: WWG2014
Planes, trains and automobiles…when it comes to your special day, nothing is off limits. From retro cars and motorbikes, to scooters and sailboats, how you make your grand entrance is a challenge in itself. Remember to choose something that aligns with the style of your day. Do you want style and sophistication or casual and quirky? Also keep in mind the more specific or unusual your desired mode of transportation (seaplane, anyone?), the quicker it will book out – especially if the resource is already limited in your area.

It is traditionally the groom’s responsibility to book the day’s transport, but ensure you are both happy with the decision. If you’re not overly concerned about how you get to the ceremony, you could leave the choice up to your groom or the bridal party. If you decide to organise the day’s transport, take the opportunity to surprise your partner with his or her favourite vehicle, perhaps a snazzy red Ferrari or a cute Kombi van.

If you’d like to have your wedding involve animals and are getting married somewhere exotic such as Bali or Thailand, you may be able to organise elephants as your wedding transportation. A country wedding could benefit from the bridal party coming in on an authentic tractor. Just mind the hay bales. Getting married in the snow-covered alpine region? Why not take a ski chairlift or husky sled ride to your ceremony for something truly out-there. Extreme adventurists might even consider a zip line.

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When choosing your method of transport it’s wise to consider the season and the likely weather on the day. If you have chosen a date in the peak of summer, you will require an airconditioned vehicle. Likewise, if you are getting married in the middle of winter, you’ll want something that can keep you warm (and dry), so that vintage scooter you had your eye on may not be the best idea. Holding your ceremony on a scenic golf course? Why not grab some buggies for a tour of the grounds and take some creative images with your photographer. If you’re not averse to taking the train or bus, this is a great way to get some happy snaps surrounded by surprised travellers.

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For a showstopping entry come ceremony time, take a cue from James Bond and descend via helicopter. Other unusual suggestions include jet boat, segway, a classic New York City yellow cab or typical English black taxi, hot air balloon or in a magical horse-drawn carriage. More conventional entrances include limousines and retro, vintage-style cars. Go for cute and quirky with a double decker bus or bicycle.

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